Free download: Revised and expanded War Bunny

Since publishing War Bunny in 2021, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to have conversations with many of the first several thousand readers. With all the feedback, I’ve revised and expanded War Bunny to make it a better standalone read. So more loose ends have been wrapped up, and most of the wolf story has beenContinue reading “Free download: Revised and expanded War Bunny”

Summerday, Book 2 in the War Bunny Chronicles, is going to beta readers soon

Summerday is finally (almost) ready! A spring 2023 launch is planned. And check out this cover by the talented designer Belle McClain.

“A spectacular fantasy novel” – Reader Views – 5 Stars

Lily Andrews at Reader Views brings a thoughtful eye to War Bunny and has this to say about it: “5 Stars – Buoyed with evocative prose that tells a ripping tale “War Bunny” is a spectacular fantasy novel written by Christopher St. John. Set in a dystopian world where humans are non-existent, a female bunnyContinue reading ““A spectacular fantasy novel” – Reader Views – 5 Stars”

War Bunny wins Grand Prize at the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival

Just found out today that War Bunny won the Science Fiction category at the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival, and was then selected to be honored as the Grand Prize Winner for the entire festival. Based in the capital of show business, the Hollywood Book Festival aims to spotlight literature worthy of further consideration by theContinue reading “War Bunny wins Grand Prize at the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival”

“The book’s ultimate message is one of hope.” -Foreword Clarion Review

Foreword Clarion Review has taken a look at War Bunny. Here’s what reviewer Eileen Gonzalez had to say. “War Bunny is a postapocalyptic fantasy novel in which everyone has value and is worth fighting for. In Christopher St. John’s fantasy novel War Bunny, a rejected rabbit wants to remake the world so that everyone has a placeContinue reading ““The book’s ultimate message is one of hope.” -Foreword Clarion Review”


Here’s the cutest story ever from a War Bunny beta reader! “My grandchildren were amazed when I explained to them that as a beta reader I got to read this before it was printed! My granddaughter now wants to be a beta reader when she grows up. Please keep me in mind for Anastasia’s nextContinue reading “Awwww”

“An impressive anthropomorphic tale that requires a sequel” – Blue Ink Review

Blue Ink Review has weighed in on the War Bunny story, and it sounds like they’re jonesing for more! “In War Bunny, a post-apocalyptic fantasy novel, the animal world order is disrupted when a young rabbit decides to fight back against predators, and in doing so challenges traditional rabbit religion and conventions. Anastasia, daughter ofContinue reading ““An impressive anthropomorphic tale that requires a sequel” – Blue Ink Review”

1,587 people signed up for the free War Bunny giveaway on Goodreads

1,587 people entered the contest to win 100 free War Bunny eBooks. I’m blown away by all the interest from the Goodreads reading community! So much so that I’m now doing more giveaways, on both Goodreads and other sites. Thanks, everyone!

“A fable for all ages … a spellbinding must-read.” – Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars

Vincent Dublado at Readers’ Favorite has weighed in, giving War Bunny a coveted 5-star review. This earns War Bunny the right to display the metallic Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Seal on the book cover. Hurray! It’s also wonderful to see Vincent writing abut the fact that War Bunny is about human societies as well as animalContinue reading ““A fable for all ages … a spellbinding must-read.” – Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars”

War Bunny now featured on BookLife by Publishers Weekly home page

How awesome to be selected to be on the BookLife by Publishers Weekly home page! They did write me a very positive review, so I guess they liked it. : )