Summerday: Book 2 of the War Bunny Chronicles, has launched

Who will win the battle for the Million Acre Wood?

Summerday continues the adventure begun in the award-winning post-apocalyptic fantasy, War Bunny. In the first book, set 400 years in the future when humans are extinct but animals thrive, readers met Anastasia, a young rabbit with too many questions.

She asked why rabbits must accept their status as prey animals, and was exiled from her warren for having dangerous thoughts. Then she fought back against a fox, and little by little, gathered other outcasts and launched a tiny revolution against the natural order.

In Summerday, Anastasia and her friends discover that they have come to the attention of the Landlords of the Million Acre Wood: the golden wolves of the Summerday Clan. Now Anastasia must race to gather her bunny troops and scrappy allies for a desperate fight, while the Summerday wolves call the woodland hunters to war. 

Part adventure story, part modern-day fable, Summerday is a fun read for teens and adults! (Fantasy, 13+)

Critics on the War Bunny Chronicles

“A rebel rabbit turns the world of predators and prey on its head in this debut fantasy. An entertaining, imaginative post-apocalyptic scenario with special appeal for animal lovers.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Great for fans of Richard Adams’s Watership Down.” – Booklife by Publishers Weekly

“Animal Farm for a new generation.” – IndieReader

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