“I would give it a whole bucket full of stars if I could” – Readers’ Favorite rates ‘Summerday’

The reviewers at Readers’ Favorite have weighed in on Summerday, Book 2 in the War Bunny Chronicles. And they have much to say! Four of the five readers awarded Summerday a 5-star rating. You can see excerpts from their reviews below.

Summerday by Christopher St. John is a work of fiction that combines fantasy, adventure, and a collection of remarkable creatures. It forms the second novel of the highly engaging post-apocalyptic War Bunny Chronicles. The work is suitable for young adult and adult readers alike. Following on from the adventures of War Bunny, we find the rebellious Anastasia and her friends embroiled in a new fight for survival as they encounter the wolves of the Summerday Clan in the Million Acre Wood. Continuing the fight to escape being viewed as prey will be harder than ever with dangerous golden wolves on their trail.

Christopher St. John has penned an inventive and engaging gem with War Bunny, and it’s incredible to see the series growing and thriving even more in this new installment. I enjoy the rebellious spirit and post-modern mindset of the central character, Anastasia, and her drive holds the other characters together as they fight the good fight and have us rooting for them every step of the way. I was also immersed in the beauty, drama, and danger of the woodland setting of this dystopian, post-human world, which feels so eerily empty and yet teeming with life at the same time. I’d say that another favorite feature of mine was the dialogue presentation, which feels distinctly animalistic and suited to each type of animal character, but also resonates on a deeply human emotional level. I would highly recommend Summerday to fantasy fans everywhere, and I cannot wait to see where the series takes us next. – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

“A war of animals, predator versus prey, reads to me like the classic literature of my youth with a contemporary outlook that catapults it into a book that even the most fickle middle-grade and teen readers will appreciate. The dialogue is modern with words like ‘hella’ and ‘aggro.’ As an adult ‘of a certain age,’ I absolutely loved it. I chuckled at some of the more nuanced nods that St. John incorporates, like the animals named Lorazepam and Wellbutrin, that highlight the intelligent wit of the overall story. This is a wonderful bit of escapism and I would give it a whole bucket full of stars if I could.” – Jamie Michele, Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Summerday. Christopher St. John has an enjoyable way with words that makes this story feel like it was written long ago and passed down through generations. The plot moves seamlessly from character to character, showing us all sides of the conflict and keeping things moving quickly. The story delves into the minds and personal lives of animals on both sides of the battle, making us care about the wolves and coyotes almost as much as the smaller animals. Summerday boasts a large cast of characters, each with names and distinct personalities.

Even though I had not read the first book in the series, War Bunny, it didn’t take me long to become familiar with them all, thanks to the author’s fantastic ability to define each bunny, wolf, crow, and rat through unique characteristics, ways of talking, quirks, and more. I’ve always said the formula for a great book is to have strong characters and a strong plot. Both elements must be present, or your book will fall flat. Summerday meets my criteria 100 percent. It is an excellent story with great characters that should not be missed.” – Scott Cahan, Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

Summerday by Christopher St. John is an uncomfortable mirror that we can hold up for ourselves in a universal story of those who have and those who do not. In multiple strokes of smart symbolism, the novel’s critical inquiry into the power structures of society is underpinned by themes of resistance, hierarchy, and the non-human humanesque impact on the natural environment. Most novels in the genre attempting to portray a dystopian vision of the future are presented to serve as a cautionary warning for our current times. Summerday goes for the jugular by showing our current time as the cautionary tale itself, the ‘weak’ and ‘lesser’ animals feeding the powerful. One could question that blind devotion to the word of Yah reflects how so many justify what, according to the Yahs up there, is the natural order of things. By highlighting the consequences of imbalanced domination over the natural world, St. John builds a rather delightful bunny war story with moments of humor, visions of violence, and the championing of the underbunnies.” – Asher Syed, Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

“The dystopian landscape details were vivid. I laughed when the scraps of trash were seen as messages. They used a three-hundred-year-old letter to guide them to a hidden bunker. The inner thoughts of every animal displayed their motivation. There was never a dull moment in the entire story. I recommend Summerday to readers who like tales of animals personified and how they overcame their adversaries.” – Stephanie Chapman, Readers’ Favorite, 4 Stars

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