War Bunny now available on Audible

Several months in the making, the audio version of War Bunny is finally done and available on Audible!  This audiobook features a bravura performance by theater star and singer Roxanne Paul, who brings a multitude of characters to life with her voice, capturing all the thrilling drama and sly humor. It was wonderful working withContinue reading “War Bunny now available on Audible”

War Bunny now featured on BookLife by Publishers Weekly home page

How awesome to be selected to be on the BookLife by Publishers Weekly home page! They did write me a very positive review, so I guess they liked it. : )


When my partner and I first started collecting rescue bunnies ten years ago, I knew nothing about rabbits. Like most people, I had been acculturated to think of rabbits as living plush toys: 24/7 snugglers created to be pets for tween girls. I was surprised to discover how complex their lives were. How territorial theyContinue reading “Waybackstory”

Going out for reviews

War Bunny is going out for reviews now. Starting with the two biggies: Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. These two publications will have a huge influence on the future of War Bunny. Fingers crossed!