“Great for fans of Richard Adams’s Watership Down and David Petersen’s Mouse Guard” – BookLife by Publishers Weekly

The review from BookLife by Publishers Weekly of War Bunny just came out. It’s such an honor to even be mentioned in the same breath as Richard Adams and Watership Down! “A bunny decides she’s had enough and dares to shake up the natural order in St. John’s unusual and thought-provoking post-apocalyptic debut. In aContinue reading ““Great for fans of Richard Adams’s Watership Down and David Petersen’s Mouse Guard” – BookLife by Publishers Weekly”

“An entertaining, imaginative post-apocalyptic scenario” – Kirkus Reviews

The review of War Bunny by Kirkus Reviews just came out, and I’m happy to say they loved it, especially as they have the reputation for being very tough reviewers. Hurray! “A rebel rabbit turns the world of predators and prey on its head in this debut fantasy. Some centuries in the future, humans—now calledContinue reading ““An entertaining, imaginative post-apocalyptic scenario” – Kirkus Reviews”

War Bunny audiobook now in production

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on the audiobook version of War Bunny. The auditions alone were fascinating, as it was an opportunity to hear many different takes on the story, delivered in a wide variety of styles. Here at Team War Bunny, we had a hard time making up our minds! We’veContinue reading “War Bunny audiobook now in production”


When my partner and I first started collecting rescue bunnies ten years ago, I knew nothing about rabbits. Like most people, I had been acculturated to think of rabbits as living plush toys: 24/7 snugglers created to be pets for tween girls. I was surprised to discover how complex their lives were. How territorial theyContinue reading “Waybackstory”

Going out for reviews

War Bunny is going out for reviews now. Starting with the two biggies: Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. These two publications will have a huge influence on the future of War Bunny. Fingers crossed!

War Bunny launch date is set for June 2021

So excited that the War Bunny launch time is almost here! First it will be an eBook, then a paperback version. Then there will be an audiobook version. I’ve already been talking to some amazing voice talent, and I look forward to hearing this part of the project take shape. Both of the Watership DownContinue reading “War Bunny launch date is set for June 2021”